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100 Happy Money Screensaver

100 Happy Money Screensaver downloads the irresistible realism of living Paper Money on your Windows Desktop instantly. Still cannot afford to have High Money? With 3D Currency Screen Saver at least now, you can fill your computer up instead with 3D Animated Banknotes. Run one of popular office Screensavers on your office computer and it will wash away tiredness and stress, gathered in business effort.

Pretty fun to watch as your computer makes cool Banknotes with very soothing Underwater effects. It is as close to the real thing as you can get. Very nicely done graphics and sound effects let you watch Currency dance across the screen of your computer, laptop or widescreen TV.

This Dancing Money Screen Saver comes with controls that allow you to select the Underwater Background, the type of Money Effects and adjust numbers of money or bubbles to suit any mood. Select US Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar or Australian Dollar Images to provide an unmatched elegant look of Animated Currency.

Add the magic of Happy Money to your Windows Desktop. 100 Happy Money Screensaver is an indispensable part of any Money fan's collection!

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